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Impetus used Automatic Roll Grading to reduce problematic rolls from 33% to 16% in a four week trial. 


Payback Period in months


ROI of Contract Period






4 Weeks



"Through seamless integration of Smartex LOOP & FACT, we precisely target & address problem areas, leading to an impressive 50% reduction in inspected rolls."

- Joana Cunha, Quality Director

In 1973, IMPETUS Group started as a small textile enterprise & grew into a global leader in the industry. 

With a vertically integrated structure, its 860-strong & growing team, including 693 in Portugal, crafts 4.65 million articles annually.


Specializing in seamless and Cut & Sew underwear, IMPETUS has their own fashion brand & innovates through R&D, boasting Europe's top-notch facilities & sustainable practices.


Renowned for quality, innovation, & social commitment, IMPETUS stands as a paragon in the global textile realm.



As a result of this four week study, Impetus was able to reach each of the goals discussed at the beginning of the project using Smartex FACT & LOOP. By reducing problematic rolls from 33% to 16%, workers were able to spend more time on other tasks & reduce manual inspection time.

The fusion of Smartex FACT with these strategic workflows not only optimizes the way our clients manage & ensure the quality of their production but also enhances the overall efficiency of their operations.

100% Automatically Graded Production & Digitalized Quality Control

Smartex conducted a four-week pilot study at Impetus.


The goals of this project included reducing the quantity of rolls with the need for inspection, as well as decreasing fabric waste while improving quality & traceability.

Instead of randomly selecting rolls for final inspection, Impetus used Automatic Roll Grading to select only rolls with C & D grades.


With access to quality data through Smartex FACT & Smartex LOOP, Impetus was able to gather operational insights about production & how to improve it.

The ability to understand the root cause of the quality losses allowed Impetus to adjust its production & reduce the number of rolls requiring inspection by 50%.


This achievement was made possible through the identification of machines responsible for manufacturing a particularly challenging article— Modal with Elastane, & being able to reduce the number of thick yarn defects that were being produced.

Operators had previously overlooked some occasions when the Smartex CORE system stopped the machine, contributing to the issue. Knowing which machines to target facilitated enhanced collaboration between the Production & Quality teams, enabling them to work together more effectively.


As a result, Impetus successfully elevated the overall quality of production while simultaneously optimizing the efficiency of the inspection process for the number of rolls involved.


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