Lenzing's Application Innovation Center in Hong Kong partners up with Smartex

As Smartex continues its R&D activities to reach optimal results in its products, Lenzing Fibers (the producer of TENCEL™ and VEOCEL™) agreed terms with Smartex to provide their support and immense know-how in the Textile Industry. In addition, Lenzing provides the infrastructure in their recent Application Innovation Center (AIC) in Hong Kong in order for Smartex perform product testing. Smartex and Lenzing started this partnership back in April 2019 allowing for both hardware and software development and were particularly useful to acquired data in a controlled environment.

Lenzing AIC is mainly used to achieve R&D activities in the Lenzing Group and to align with a strategy enhancing customer intimacy in worldwide markets. The AIC also provides Lenzing the ability to transfer knowledge and innovation from its partners to its customer, such as the development of innovative and disruptive projects related with the Textile Industry as Smartex is implementing.

Important News

Smartex won the 1st prize in BET24 CHALLENGE STARTUP 2.0 from Startup Lisboa Published ON: 28 Apr