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In an increasingly specialized and hyperconnected environment, SMEs in the textile sector within the SUDOE (South West) region quickly need to digitize themselves to remain competitive, adapting to new sector requirements such as traceability, customization, and sustainability, among others, as well as connecting to the entire value chain with a view to greater efficiency and productivity. DigiTVC focuses on supporting SMEs through a diagnosis for digitalization followed by 3 pilots with textile companies and startups. The results will be systematized in a protocol that will allow other companies to design their digitization strategy using the most appropriate technologies. The sustainability of the project is in line with the digitalization needs of the textile value chain and will be guaranteed by the development of the protocol for digitization, which will be provided by experts duly accredited by regional organizations.


The main objective of this project is to improve the competitiveness of companies in the textile and clothing sector in the SUDOE region, by digitizing their production processes. To achieve this objective, the cooperation of organizations and complementary knowledge (technological centers, business associations, public competitiveness organizations, and companies) will provide an improvement in the environment of companies in the SUDOE space, the specific objective of this program:

  • Assess the state of the situation and define the best strategy for digitizing the textile industry;

  • Test and validate the digitalization process of the textile and clothing value chain through pilot projects;

  • Prepare a digitization protocol for the textile industry and the garment industry.

Expected Results

  • Promote the adoption of digital technologies by textile companies in order to improve their competitiveness and provide them with the necessary tools to create their own digital strategy;

  • Develop pilot projects in the three main textile segments (fashion, home textile, and technical textiles) to validate a replicable action protocol;

  • In this context, Smartex to collaborate with the textile company A. Sampaio in the process of installing the company's inspection systems and adapting them to its products;

  • Bring technological startups to the needs of the sector, promoting joint solutions;

  • Train specialists in the textile digitization protocol and include the accreditation of public agents (Competitiveness Agencies, Municipalities) through its SME support programs.

Start Date: 1 May 2020 | End Date: 31 March 2023

Investment: 851,171.88 € | Incentive: 638,378.91 €

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