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Innovation Pact for the Digitalization of Textiles and Clothing Sector

Project Number


Financing Programme

Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR)


C5 - Capitalization and Business Innovation


R-2022-C05i0101-02 - Mobilizing agendas / Alliances for Reindustrialization

Consortium Leader


Project Description

TEXP@CT aims to respond to the challenge of the digital transition of a sector as relevant to Portugal and Europe as the textile and clothing sector. This pact is intended to give the sector in Portugal a significant boost in terms of adopting digital technologies and solutions, while at the same time making it more competitive in global markets, more capable, more resilient, more sustainable and more sophisticated.

Start Date: 01/07/2022 | Completion Date: 31/12/2025
Investment: 45,802,698.40 € | Incentive: 29,157,737.71 €


TEXP@CT aims to leverage textile and clothing companies in the ICT and Production Technologies sectors to higher levels of digitalization and range of technological offerings, respectively. The aim is to increase the level of digitalization of textile and clothing companies, using benchmark companies as anchors; to promote industrial pilots that serve as a beacon for the sector; to increase the number of solutions and technologies available to the sector; to contribute to the volume of exports, through new digital solutions and technologies and, at a more distant level, a stronger textile and clothing industry; and also to help reduce the digital skills gap for the sector professionals. The project is structured into 8 work packages, aligned with the Digital Transformation Strategic Pillar of the Recovery and Resilience Programme (RRP).

Expected Results

In total, this pact aims to develop 26 PPS, distributed among the different work packages.

Beneficiary: Smartex Europe, Unipessoal Lda

Investment: 855 108,38 € | Incentive: 628 088,65 €

Consortium: TEXP@CT has IMPETUS Portugal - Têxteis, S.A. as its lead promoter, under the technical coordination of CITEVE and is made up of 40 partners, of which:

  • 16 are SMEs and non-SMEs from the Textile and Clothing Industry;

  • 17 are SMEs and non-SMEs in Information and Communication Technologies and Advanced Production Technologies.

  • 6 Non-Business Entities from the Research and Innovation System

  • 1 Industrial Association of the Sector


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