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Acquiring Tuvis & Opening a Tech Center!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Smartex & Tuvis founders in Porto, Portugal
The acquisition of the Turkish-based company will strengthen Smartex's global presence and product capabilities.

Smartex has announced its acquisition of Tuvis, a tech start-up that develops unique artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions for visual quality control across textile production lines. Türkiye, one of the main contributors to the global textile industry, is currently one of Smartex's largest markets, with an established local distributor ERKO and multiple full-time engineers and service technicians. This acquisition and the opening of a new tech center are the next steps toward Smartex's mission of adding value to the global textile industry, improving customer experience, and striving for a zero-waste future.

Smartex is thrilled with its new Engineering Tech Center opening in Maslak, one of Istanbul's main business districts. As a global meeting point, Istanbul is the perfect location to attract and acquire top talent in the region.

The Tech Center will provide a space for the team to create something truly unique. Smartex plans to hire more than ten employees with expertise in Service Engineering, Customer Success, and other fields.

Gilberto Loureiro, CEO of Smartex, believes "this acquisition is a strategic move to expand our Engineering power globally. With the help of our growing team in Istanbul, we are certain that we will make a lasting impact on the textile industry worldwide."

New Office in Maslak

Tuvis was founded in 2019 with early-stage funding and a research grant in Istanbul. Both Smartex and Tuvis share the same goal of digitizing the textile industry using state-of-the-art technology. The founders of Tuvis (Eyüp Görkem Bayram and Bahadır Gölcük) studied together at university, each with previous textile experience, and decided to apply their machine-learning knowledge to the industry.

Smartex & Tuvis Founders signing the contract

Smartex is excited to welcome Tuvis. Eyüp Görkem Bayram, the new Managing Director for Türkiye, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our journey has started in a similar way, and now our paths have crossed. On behalf of Tuvis, we are thrilled to join Smartex and increase the global impact in the digitalization of the textile industry by empowering products and services.”

If you're interested in joining our team, apply now to be part of a zero-waste future!

Gilberto, Eyup & Bahadir in new office in Maslak


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