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Make an impact.

Work at Smartex

We're a tech powerhouse dedicated to transforming the global textile supply chain!

Our AI-driven solutions tackle waste, integrating custom hardware, innovative software, & cutting-edge machine learning to identify defects, enhance efficiency, promote transparency, & boost savings in time, costs, & resources.

We're committed to a sustainable future, reducing the environmental impact of the textile industry.

Join us. Be part of the future of sustainable textiles with Smartex today!

Where Innovation Meets Sustainability in Textiles

Textile Waste in a Factory

+1 Trillion Liters

of wasted water every year

+10 Billion kg

of CO2 emissions every year

+10 Billion kg

of energy wasted every year

$100+ Billion is lost

to textile & garment manufacturers each year due to defective production

This is why we exist

A team of dreamers,makers & doers

Innovation & Impact
Join our growing team making a positive global impact. Your innovative ideas are valued in our safe-to-fail environment.

Celebrate Diversity
Be part of our multicultural, supportive team where diversity is celebrated, collaboration is cherished, & friendships are built.

Grow with Us
Ignite your personal & professional growth in our fast-paced, expanding environment. We're committed to advancing your career transparently.

Work Perks
Experience a hybrid work system, flexible hours, comprehensive health coverage, & enticing employee stock options. Embrace a vested interest in your company's success.

Junior Software Engineer

Full Time / Porto / Hybrid

Integrations Software Engineer

Full Time / Porto / Hybrid

Senior Software Engineer

Full Time / Porto / Hybrid

Hardware Quality Manager

Full Time / Porto / Hybrid

Head of Hardware Growth

Full Time / Porto / Hybrid

Electrical Field Technician

Full Time / Porto / Hybrid

Technical Support Specialist (Linux)

Full Time / Porto / Hybrid

Technical Support Specialist - Night Shift

Full Time / Hybrid

Part-Time / Hybrid

Full Time / Hybrid

Tech Solution Expert (Linux)

Full Time / Hybrid

Field Operations Manager

Full Time / Hybrid

Field Service Manager

Full Time / Hybrid

Technical Support Specialist (Night Shift)

Full Time / Türkiye

Spontaneous Application

Full Time / Hybrid

Positions Available

Team First

We prioritize the team above all else, fostering a culture of shared problem-solving, mutual support, continuous learning, radical transparency, thoughtful feedback and swift adaptability.

Read more about Smartex’s Culture ->

Customer Focused

Customer satisfaction is our priority, driving us to delight our customers, provide exceptional support, and forge long-lasting relationships.

Read about Smartex Customer Success ->


Balanced excellence & speed in delivering our products - We’re the fastest team out there. We embrace technology to streamline processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

Learn about our road to ITMA 2023 ->

Stay Humble

Humility is at our core, encouraging us to learn from failures, seek help, share knowledge, and embrace diversity of thought.

Read what our investors are saying ->


Trust is key, where open communication and commitment are central. At Smartex, we are not just a workplace; we are a vibrant team united by our aspiration to create meaningful change and contribute positively to the world.

Read an open letter from our CEO ->

Our Values areWoven into EverythingWe Do

Electrical Engineering Master’s Thesis:

Electronics for Data Science & Business Intelligence

Porto / Hybrid

Electrical Engineering Master’s Thesis:

AI Systems for Industrial Power Management

Porto / Hybrid

Physics Engineering Master’s Thesis:

Machine Vision and Machine Learning for Defect Inspection in Textiles

Porto / Hybrid

Physics Engineering Master’s Thesis:

Development of Communication and Power Supply Systems for Machines with Moving and Rotating Parts

Porto / Hybrid

Electrical Field Service Internship:

A Hands-on Project in the Textile Industry

Porto / Hybrid

Front End Development Internship:

Web & Mobile Applications for Industrial Solutions

Porto / Hybrid

Help Desk Internship - Night Shift

Porto / Hybrid

Industry & Business Internship:

Market Study & Implementation of Machine Learning-based Vision Systems in Manufacturing Lines

Porto / Hybrid

Textile Engineering Master's Thesis:

Enhancing Textile Knit Fabric Behavior

Porto / Hybrid

Backend Development Intern

Sarıyer, Turkey

Internships Available

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