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The Heart of Smartex's Culture & Hiring Journey

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Smartex creates products that have a real impact on the world, and that's so exciting! We often ask our team what made them join and what made them stay. The mission - To empower factories to produce with full traceability & zero-waste - and the products behind Smartex are always there, but so is our culture. We believe our hiring journey embodies our values, so let’s dive into our culture and hiring process!

Culture @ Smartex

We are a community of energetic and motivated individuals who are driven to make a tangible impact on the world. Our approach is characterized by a blend of enthusiasm, professionalism, respect, and unwavering commitment to our mission. Our values are deeply ingrained in our culture:


We prioritize the team above all else, fostering a culture of shared problem-solving, mutual support, continuous learning, and adaptability.


Customer satisfaction is our priority, driving us to delight our customers, provide exceptional support, and forge long-lasting relationships.

3. SPEED 🚀

Balanced excellence & speed in delivering our products - We’re the fastest team out there. We embrace technology to streamline processes and eliminate bottlenecks.


Humility is at our core, encouraging us to learn from failures, seek help, share knowledge, and embrace diversity of thought.

5. TRUST ⛓️

Trust is key, where open communication and commitment are central. At Smartex, we are not just a workplace; we are a vibrant team united by our aspiration to create meaningful change and contribute positively to the world.

Finding the Perfect Fit - The Smartex Hiring Process

Our hiring process may seem like a long, complex adventure but we guarantee you it’s not. Although we have several phases, we are super fast in making decisions and giving feedback to the candidates! It will feel like a smooth process. We have several phases because:

  • We are aiming for a long-term relationship so we want both parties to know it’s the right fit;

  • Every individual has a real big impact on our business. We play hard but we work harder - we are looking for energetic and driven people who exceed in what they do;

  • Every individual has a real big impact on our culture. Our team is the most important thing to us - we owe them to recruit the best fit for them and continue the nurturing of our culture.

Hiring Phases:

1. Discovery 🔍

We begin by understanding the candidate beyond their resume. Our Talent Acquisition team focuses on not just the skills but also the potential, personality, and passion that align with our culture.

2. First Connection - Cultural Fit Assessment 💜

The initial conversation is a two-way street. The Talent Acquisition team presents Smartex, our mission, and our values while listening to the candidate's aspirations and how they envision contributing to our growth. We overview technical skills, but we mainly assess if a candidate's values align with ours, ensuring a harmonious fit that drives collective success.

3. Technical Evaluation 🤓

Skills matter, and we delve into the candidate's technical prowess to ascertain their proficiency in the domain they're joining. We ask for an Aptitude test and a technical test that can be done remotely or in the office, depending on the team/role.

4. Meeting the Office and the Team 🏢

Witnessing our values in action, and seeing how they shape our interactions and drive our success will help the candidates decide if they want to start their career in Smartex. During the Office visit, the candidates meet our product, the team and the team lead. This a more technical conversation but also a space to meet the people the future employees will spend the majority of their time with!

Note*: Curiosity Matters: We love candidates that ask questions!*

5. Final Connection - Meeting the CEO & Head of People 🙋🏻

The last round is an informal online conversation with our CEO & Head of People. This informal engagement concludes the journey, leaving the candidates with a deeper understanding of Smartex and the possibilities ahead.

6. The Proposal 📃

The last conversation with the manager and People Team is not just about sealing the deal but about ensuring alignment, addressing queries, and nurturing a sense of belonging.

Our hiring process is the bridge that connects like-minded individuals to our shared culture. Culture is a funny thing. You can describe it and give examples but the real way to understand it is to live it.

You can experience it with us by applying now.

Here are some testimonials of our Smartexians regarding their experience with the recruitment process with us:

“As a novice in the job market, I found Smartex's recruitment procedure to be notably effective, remarkably fast, and straight to the point. The organization made sure both parts were fully aware of what they had to offer in order to avoid any future confusion. What stood out to me the most was the rapidness in which the whole recruitment process happened coupled with the instant feedback provided by the recruiters in case of any doubt!”

- Xavier Costa, Mobile Developer Intern

I went through a thorough recruitment process that evaluated both my technical and soft skills, which are a valued asset for the team. What truly set this experience apart was the personal touch woven into every step. From the beginning, Smartex made me feel welcomed and showed a true desire to get to know me, reflecting a genuine commitment to establishing a meaningful connection with future team members, which is something that I value.”

- Gabriela Pinheiro, Mechanical Field Engineer

“I had one of the best recruiting experiences when interviewing for Smartex. The interviewers were professional, I didn't leave any of the few calls and in-person meetings with doubts and the whole process was swift compared to other recruitment processes.”

- Tiago Nogueira, Embedded Software Engineer


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