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Smartex CORE Now Available for Tubular Circular Knitting Machines

Smartex CORE, the industry leader in AI-enabled, automated quality control, is now more powerful than ever before. We are pleased to announce that Smartex CORE is compatible with tubular as well as open-width knitting machines.

The Smartex CORE System

Smartex CORE, the foundation of the Smartex System, enhances quality, increases productivity and boosts sustainability through eliminating roll rejections. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and European hardware, Smartex CORE addresses production issues at their source.

Expanding compatibility to include tubular circular knitting machines is a natural step forward for Smartex CORE. According to several industry sources, the global circular knitting machine market is comprised of roughly 70% tubular & 30% open width machines.

This upgrade ensures that our existing and future customers can benefit from Smartex’s technology to guarantee quality and optimize production.

"Since we integrated Smartex systems into our tubular knitting production, we have seen the benefits of running a digitized, smart factory with numerous insights into production and opportunities to optimize it.” says Eduardo Guimarães, Weaving Director at Polopiqué, a leading vertically-integrated facility in Portugal.

Polopiqué's factory in the North of Portugal

In addition, Smartex offers comprehensive support and training services to help customers get the most out of Smartex CORE. Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and troubleshooting assistance, ensuring that customers are able to maximize the benefits of our system.

"It’s clear that our technology is set to revolutionize the textile industry and make a real, positive impact regarding the efficiency, quality control, and sustainability of production," states Smartex CEO Gilberto Loureiro. "We are proud to lead the industry and ensure no textile knitting machine is left behind!"

Now armed with tubular capacity, we will continue to ensure all textile machines run efficiently and produce with the highest quality possible. We are eager to continue to innovate and improve Smartex CORE, and look forward to helping our customers achieve even greater successes.

Want to add Smartex CORE to your knitting machines? Get in touch with our team.


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