Every year, the defective production is responsible for the loss of more than 33 billion dollars only in raw material. This happens because once a defect is produced, the entire textile becomes garbage, affecting not only the company’s gross margins and the retail prices that we find in the clothing stores, but also the environment.

Smartex employs state of the art Artificial Intelligence to solve the main global problems in the Textile Industry: the lack of quality control and the production of defects in textiles. To do so, we combine our cutting edge fault detection device with an advanced business intelligence dashboard.

Fault Detection Device
Non-intrusive system, designed to be easily plugged into circular knitting machines. Using signal acquisition sensors and processing units, the SMARTEX system detects production defects in the fabric, in real-time and in-line with production, alerting workers and stopping production if the fault is cyclic.
Business Intelligence Dashboard
SMARTEX goes even further and provides manufacturers a quality monitoring software, that overviews all knitting machines in which SMARTEX operates, extracting all valuable information and providing helpful production statistics and insights for a more effective business management.

SMARTEX Technology

Computer Vision

Our vision system acquires and tracks multi-spectral images of the fabric during the production stage.

Artificial Intelligence

State of the art algorithms interpret the collected images and detect any irregularities in real-time.

Data Analysis

The data is collected by SMARTEX sensors, processed and transformed into straightforward information.

Web App

Our Business Intelligence provides valuable information based on the machine’s performance.


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