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Next Generation Textile Production

Higher quality. Higher margins. Fewer defects.


Together, we're working on a new era of high quality, waste-free manufacturing.

Optimized Production

Our system integrates into Circular Knitting Machines. The Smartex Core consists of a set of cameras, lights & sensors that are installed in your existing setup.

Superhuman Inspection

Advanced artificial intelligence vision will give you new, superhuman insights into your production, learning how & when to assist you in your regular workflow.

Real-Time Data

Our dashboard allows you to intuitively manage machines, even remotely. Plus, your production data is at your fingertips at all times.

Remove Defects.
Assure Quality.

Higher Quality

Maximize the quality of your product by removing defects with assurance for both your factory & customers.

Higher Margins

Certified quality lets you increase your prices, decrease waste & leads to higher margins.

Increased Productivity

Free workers to complete other tasks. Human control is only needed once Smartex has identified a recurring defect.

Full Control

With our dashboards, all relevant data about your machines is at your fingertips.

Anytime, anywhere.

~0% Defects

Across all Smartex equipped machines.

100% Inspection

For every roll produced.

18 Months


payback period

~264 Hours

Production time saved per machine, per year


Of supported Circular Knitting Machine brands

Detect. Intervene. Prevent.


Our Collective Impact

491,000 kg

Fabrics Saved

4.4 Million kWh

Energy Saved

55 Million Liters

Water Saved

1.1 Million kg

CO2 Saved


Meet the Next Generation

of Textile Manufacturing