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1 Million kg of Fabric Prevented from Waste

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards advancing the textile industry: preventing the waste of 1,000,000 kg of fabric. But how did we accomplish this & why does it matter?

In the textile manufacturing process, defects in production can lead to enormous waste of resources. Imagine a circular knitting machine producing fabric, unaware of a defect in its operation. Without intervention, this defect will continue, leading to the waste of yarn & energy. This not only adds to the environmental burden but also undermines the efficiency, productivity, & profitability of the entire production chain.

Continuous defects before & after Smartex

Here's where Smartex comes in. Every time our Smartex CORE system uses artificial intelligence, computer vision, & machine learning to detect defects in real-time & pauses the machine's operation to prevent the continuation of each defect - we term it a “Golden Stop".  

The Smartex CORE system uses computer vision, AI, & machine learning to scan fabrics as they’re produced.

By promptly stopping production & alerting operators, CORE guarantees action can be taken to fix the issue before any further defects occur or continue. In essence, it's a golden opportunity to intervene, fix, & ultimately, minimize waste.

Operators are alerted of defects & can check & respond on the tablet.

Each Golden Stop translates to preventing the waste of approximately ~9 kg of fabric on average based on client data before Smartex. So, reaching 1,000,000 kg of fabric waste prevented isn't just a number — it's a testament to the tangible impact we're making in reducing waste & pollution across the industry.

Think about it: every Golden Stop represents an instance where potential waste was avoided, resources were conserved, money was saved, quality was guaranteed, & environmental harm was mitigated. It's not just about numbers; it's about the ripple effect of impact across the textile supply chain. To put this into perspective, 1,000,000 kg of fabric waste is equivalent to 5,882,352 t-shirts & counting.

This number could provide each & every citizen of Slovakia, Central African Republic, or Finland with a t-shirt & still leave plenty to spare…

But our journey certainly doesn't end here... At Smartex, we pride ourselves on pioneering hardware-software solutions that are preventative & use the power of artificial intelligence to transform textile factories into efficient, sustainable production hubs. As we celebrate this milestone, we see it as a small but crucial step forward in our commitment to innovation, sustainability, & collaboration. We envision a future where every textile factory is empowered by Smartex's cutting-edge technology; where waste is minimized, efficiency is maximized, & sustainability is the cornerstone of industry practices.

Together, let's continue to pave a data highway toward a greener, more sustainable future for the textile industry — one fabric roll at a time.


Learn more about our Impact, how we prevented (& calculated!) over 100 million liters of water from going to waste, & our vision for the Modern Textile Factory.


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