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The Modern Textile Factory Report 2023

Modernizing the textile supply chain is imperative to progress the industry's commercial & sustainability goals. The fashion industry has been unregulated for years. Low cost has been king. But there is change afoot. The commercial attributes of speed & quality are growing in importance while regulation is coming. The Modern Textile Factory is the key.

At Smartex, we’re pioneering the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the textile industry, with a specific emphasis on achieving zero waste & traceability throughout material production — otherwise known as Tier 2, the highest impact step within the textile supply chain.

With a current presence in over 100 factories, we are rapidly expanding our footprint. However, our efforts are part of a broader movement. Numerous exciting technology companies, influential policy-makers, forward-thinking factories & pioneering brands are actively addressing various challenges within the supply chain.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we established the first focus group around “The Modern Textile Factory,” including a diverse, global team of experts, each contributing a unique perspective. This passionate group is dedicated to reshaping the production landscape in response to the pressing need for change.

In 2023, we convened for four in-depth sessions to delve into crucial topics, & this report serves as a comprehensive summary of our key findings.

Together, we’re seeking to shape the future of textile production.


Here is a sneak peak from Chapter 4 of the 2023 Modern Textile Factory Report:


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