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Empowering Ethical Fashion: Smartex Stands with the NY Fashion Act

We are thrilled to announce our wholehearted support for the New York’s groundbreaking Fashion Sustainability & Social Accountability Act, commonly known as the Fashion Act, aimed at shifting the landscape of sustainable fashion.

The fashion industry accounts for 4-8% of global greenhouse gas emissions & continuously produces a substantial volume of products without taking enough accountability for production process or their resulting waste. It also stands out as a prominent cause of exploited, forced, & child labor. This has a huge impact on our world, because the industry remains highly unregulated.

Beyond the creation of Modern Textile Factories around the world, the industry as a whole must be held to a higher standard.

The Fashion Act is set to establish legally binding environmental & labor standards for the industry, propelling New York into a leadership position as a pioneer in ethical & sustainable fashion. This monumental legislation signifies a pivotal moment for the fashion world, transforming it into a more conscientious & responsible community. We, at Smartex, proudly stand behind this critical stride forward.

This act will require companies to:

  1. Use their purchasing practices to address human exploitation & provide a path for harmed garment workers to take legal action against fashion brands with joint liability.

  2. Reduce their carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

  3. Ensure that their suppliers are managing their chemicals so they don’t end up creating polluted rivers.

A Collective Stride Towards Sustainability

We are joining forces with esteemed brands like Stella McCartney, Patagonia, Reformation, & many other innovators in endorsing the Fashion Act. Our commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with the shared vision of creating a global fashion industry that prioritizes ethical practices & environmental responsibility.

How You Can Make a Difference

Wondering how you can contribute to this transformative movement? Back the Fashion Act! Learn more about the initiative, its goals, & how you can make a difference by visiting their website.

At Smartex, we are excited about the future of sustainable fashion & are committed to playing our part in reducing waste & creating a world where fashion thrives responsibly. Join us in supporting the Fashion Act & be a part of this significant shift towards a more modern, ethical, & sustainable fashion industry. Together, we can make a lasting impact!

Learn more about our mission & impact.

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