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Life at Smartex: Machine Vision Engineer Fernando Maia

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Meet Fernando Maia, our multitalented Machine Vision Engineer. He is also a rock band drummer and composer, and our very own Smartex Magician. Fernando joined Smartex one year ago. In the video below you'll see glimpses into a typical day in his life at Smartex!

Video Transcript:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Fernando Maia, I am 25 years old and I joined Smartex one year ago. I have a Master’s in High Power Fiber Lasers, so kinda cool. This is the first take by the way.

2. What made you want to join Smartex?

I joined Smartex because of mainly 4 points: the first one is Smartex is creating something that's completely new. The second one is we are solving a problem, and not just any problem, a real pain point! Smartex has a disruptive technology in an old industry and for Smartex, the customer is always first and we are willing to adapt to the customer's needs.

3. What's your favorite thing about working here?

My favorite thing about working here is we are young, we are fast, like a rocket ship and we are not afraid of change.

4. Describe a typical day in your role at Smartex.

I am responsible for the optical part of our system such as lighting, lenses and cameras. So I do a lot of testing and prototyping. I also program firmware for our cameras, and because of that, I work closely with the Hardware team and the Software team.

5. How does Smartex support innovation in the workplace?

We support a culture that rewards creatives and risk-takers. We encourage collaboration between teams. We promote knowledge sharing by having weekly sessions. We are not afraid of embracing new technologies. We invest in training and development and partner with external stakeholders and we celebrate every single success!

6. How do you feel about the company culture?

It is great to be surrounded with brilliant people that work towards the same goal. You can really feel the energy every day. We have all the same passion of creating something meaningful.

7. How do you usually unwind after a busy day at work?

I mean, should I say everything? Hmmm yeah, I actually got into a bunch of Quantum computing so I’m starting to learn some things.

I also play the drums in two bands, actually, Phase Transition & Moonshade. & I am also a composer for Phase Transition.

I also do lighting design for several bands.

I also do magic in our parties so yah I am actually a part time magician. Just kidding. (he’s not)

8. What advice would you give someone who wants to apply for Smartex?

I would say that this is a safe-to-fail environment.

If you want to create real impact in this world together with an amazing team, come and join us!


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