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Life at Smartex: R&D Engineer Rita Bugalhão

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Rita truly does it all! Watch this video to find out why:

Video Transcript:

I'm Rita Bugalhão. I'm 24 years old - almost 25 - & I'm an R&D Engineer at Smartex.

1. What is a typical day like at Smartex?

So a typical day varies a lot. Something very, very cool about Smartex is that both in my internship & in my full time job, in one year only I worked in: Software, Firmware, a bit of Machine Vision, Hardware... so, we do a bunch of different things. Now I'm turning into more of a Product Management Role.

2. How did your role evolve to that?

My job at the R&D Team started as trying to prove a POC, which means a proof of concept to adapt the system into new machines. Right now, that idea is turning into a product so I make sure that everything is aligned for us to deliver the product to the customer. I also make sure that what we are doing in fact brings value to the customer.

Maybe if I saw a Product Management role I wouldn't apply for it, because I didn't know if I would like it. Now that I'm here, & I got to try those things, it's very very exciting to be in a company in which you can do a bunch of different things while you are in a specific role.

3. What is your favorite thing about Smartex?

It's without a doubt our team spirit. I think that we work very hard but we get along & after work we hang out, we go to padel, we go to Mirita, & it's very fun to be here because it's not a super formal corporate company - on the opposite side. It's super cool to work in a place where you work super hard but you also are very excited to go to work.

4. Describe Smartex in three words.

I think most of all it's teamwork. Everything happens super fast, so I would say fast-paced. Also very mission-driven because we are trying to really change the textile industry.


If you want to learn a lot & create real impact in this world together with an amazing team, come & join us!


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