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Smartex Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Tool to Boost Production

Updated: May 17, 2023

Leveraging the Smartex CORE camera system, Smartex’s new AI Boost Tool helps improve machine productivity without any loss in quality - giving Smartex-enhanced machines a real competitive advantage.

A row of Smartex CORE enhanced machines

In the textile industry, productivity is key. Gross margins are tight, and every minute that a machine is stopped - or running slower than it should - can impact the bottom line.

Ideally, a machine should work 100% of the time at its top speed from the moment a work order is assigned to it until it produces the necessary quantity. However, this is not always the case. Circular knitting machines stop for various reasons, such as when the yarn breaks or when the operator changes rolls, inspects for defects, or conducts unplanned maintenance activities.

All circular knitting machines have a maximum speed, which is usually determined by the manufacturer or the company's engineering department. The speed of a machine is recorded through the number of times it completes a full cycle in a given period of time, also known as Revolutions Per Minute (RPM).

Factory owners and production managers often struggle to answer questions such as:

  • ❓ What is the ideal RPM for producing this article?

  • ❓ Can I increase the speed of my machines without compromising quality, performance, or downtime?

  • ❓ What is the shortest possible stop time for my machines?

  • ❓ How should I distribute workers per machine?

With these questions in mind, Smartex created the AI Boost Tool to help our customers optimize their machine and worker productivity.

Produce more without compromising on quality!

Using AI, Smartex factories can now produce more high-quality fabric per hour than ever before.

In recent tests with several customers, we have concluded that our systems have no limits when it comes to machine rotation speed, providing factories with the ability to increase production speed to find the optimal balance between output and quality.

With Smartex, factories can:

  • Boost productivity, producing more without additional costs, waste, or downtime.

  • Increase production speed, enabling quicker response times to orders.

  • Maintain quality levels and reduce rejected rolls during quality control.

Check out some of the test results below:

By testing the new Smartex AI Boost Tool, one of our vertical factory customers (who wished to stay anonymous) had a 43% increase in production without compromising on quality! Smartex conducted a two-week test on one of their Smartex CORE-enhanced circular knitting machines producing single jersey cotton, modal, and elastane fabric. The machine ran at its regular 27 RPM rate during the first week and produced 28 meters of A-grade quality fabric per hour. In the second week, the machine speed was increased by 11%, going up to 30 RPM, and produced 40 meters of A-grade quality fabric per hour.

"Smartex exemplifies quality control evolution in the textile industry. Production equipment autonomy reduces and eliminates waste. The system detects and stops defects in real-time and with high precision” states the company's Industrial Director.

Smartex also conducted a two-week test at Modelmalhas, a part of SONIX Group, earlier in 2023 on one of their Smartex-enhanced machines producing French Terry fabric. In the first week, the machine ran at its regular 22 RPM rate. In the second week, we increased the machine speed by 18% to 26 RPM rate. By increasing the RPM by 18%, the machine recorded a 32% increase in output without any drop in quality.

"It's not just about inspection, it's about controlling our entire production process, ensuring the quality and performance of our machines and workers," says Ricardo Dantas, Operations Coordinator at Modelmalhas.


Last, but not least, Smartex conducted a short test at Brito Knitting on an interlock machine producing 100% cotton. The machine ran at its regular 21 RPM rate during the first period. In the second period, the machine speed was increased by 19%, running at 25 RPM. With the increased RPM, the machine recorded a 6% increase in output without any drop in quality.

"With the arrival of Smartex, our company managed to decrease the number of defects and increase production due to the newfound freedom that the system gives our workers.” - Vitor Barroso, Knitting Manager at Brito Knitting.


The machines tested at these customers' factories are now running without defects, thanks to 100% quality control. They are also producing articles faster and at the correct RPM, with precise worker-to-machine distribution.

"At Smartex, we strive to help factories achieve maximum production efficiency," stated CEO and Co-Founder, Gilberto Loureiro. "We are excited to introduce our new AI tool, which will enable our customers to increase output with the same resources while maintaining high levels of quality."

Production Managers can control factory, worker, & machine performance from anywhere

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