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Remotely Control Your Machines Through Smartex FACT with CORE Settings!


CORE Settings empowers Production Managers to customize & adjust production, inspection, & system preferences for each Smartex-enhanced machine using Smartex FACT.

That’s not all! Now users can promptly identify & respond to issues from any location, eliminating the necessity of being physically present on the factory floor in order to take action.

With the introduction of CORE Settings on FACT, we are further enhancing your ability to have complete control over your factory operations.


⚙️ Production Settings: Users are able to set & customize each production setting such as Rotation Length & Camera Configurations. They can also ensure each Smartex-enhanced machine maintains their production preferences such as the Stoppage Criteria.

⚙️ Inspection Settings: Users can enable, disable & customize production thresholds, ensuring each machine is set up to produce the highest quality possible with the least amount of stops.

⚙️ System Preferences: Users can change the language & PIN code of each tablet remotely.

🗒️ Small Tweaks & Changes

📉 Threshold Limit: To prevent unnecessary Smartex Stops, the lowest available threshold value is now 0.10.


We're thrilled about the positive impact these features will bring—enhancing convenience, accessibility, production oversight, & boosting productivity.

If you have any questions or need further details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your trust and dedication to Smartex are deeply appreciated, & we look forward to continuing this journey of innovation together.

Thank you for being a part of the Smartex community! 🚀🤝

The Smartex Team.


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