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Easily Identify Problem Rolls & Edit Roll Grading

Updated: Apr 23

As part of the latest Smartex FACT System Update, our team listened to your feedback & requests to improve your factory operations:

🎯 Find Problematic Rolls in 1 Click


You can easily identify which rolls require attention on the My Rolls Page, such as those marked Grade D. The Quality Roll Filter simplifies manual inspection decisions, reducing the number of rolls inspected. You can also filter for quality rolls by a specific machine or by Production Order.

✏️ Edit Roll Grading to Customize Quality Control


Directly edit the grade of a manufactured roll within the Roll Page. This requested feature addresses varying quality standards among clients. Now, with the ability to edit a roll grade, users can efficiently increase the number of Fast Track rolls per order with ease & speed by adjusting the grade given by Smartex.

On the other hand, whenever a roll gets cut or Smartex identifies knitting defects that are not up to your quality standards, you can update the grade of that specific roll.

⚠️ The edited roll will have a note indicating that the roll has been edited.

One major benefit of the Edit Roll Grading tool is the ability to improve the accuracy of every quality report. This leads to a more precise representation of your entire production, giving you 100% accurate insights into your production.

We're excited about the positive impact these upgrades will bring to your experience with our systems, elevating your overall performance.

If you have any questions or need further details, please feel free to contact us.

Your trust & dedication to Smartex are highly valued, & we look forward to continuing this journey of innovation together.

Thank you for being a part of the Smartex community! 🚀🤝

The Smartex Team.


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