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Review Smartex Production Stop History on the FACT Stops Page & More Upgrades

We are excited to announce some fantastic new features & improvements to the Smartex System that are designed to give users deeper insights & enhanced control over their production processes.


The Smartex Stops Page provides Production Managers with comprehensive insights into production halts. This feature allows users to accurately pinpoint the reasons behind each defect-detecting stop & track the response time to fix them.

By leveraging these insights, users can understand why some machines stop more frequently — whether due to production issues or customizable settings.

Smartex Stops Explanatory GIF

🗒️ Key Enhancements & Upgrades


  • Inspect Image: Added a new FullScreen Button in the Inspect Image Screen, where users can expand the image.


  • Production Card (Integrations Only):

    • Knitting Details: Now includes Roll Weight & Knitter’s Roll ID for more detailed tracking

    • Operation & Planning: Now includes Machine Operator ID, enhancing traceability & accountability

  • Quality Reports

    • Users can now export with a date range of up to 1 month (was previously 1 week)


We are confident these enhancements will bring significant improvements to your workflow— enhancing convenience, accessibility, & oversight while boosting overall productivity.

If you have any questions or need further details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We deeply appreciate your trust and dedication to Smartex, and we look forward to continuing this journey of innovation together.

Best regards,

The Smartex Team.


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