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Quality Reports & Article Pages

Updated: 6 days ago

With the latest Smartex System update, clients now have access to additional production insights through Quality Reports!

📝 Improve Decision-Making & Gain More Control with Quality Reports


The Quality Reports Feature allows Smartex FACT users to create roll-level reports with quality data for 100% of production inspected by Smartex CORE. Customize the timeframe & machines on each report to suit your specific needs.

The data in these reports empowers Production & Quality Managers to identify root causes of production quality issues & optimize production.

Report data includes:

⚠️ Roll Production Date, Number, Length & Quality

📝 Production Order

🤖 Machine Number

📍 Quantity & Type of Defects

🔗 Link to each Roll for fast access

📄 Explore Detailed Production Insights with the All-New Article Page in Smartex FACT


In Smartex FACT's Article Page, users can now effortlessly review & manage all production-related articles. Easily add, edit, & integrate articles with your ERP for automatic updates.

Main Goals of the Article Page:

🧑‍💼 To deliver more accurate & tailored Quality Reports for your production.

🔎 To incorporate & integrate this data into the Smartex system for our machine-learning models to detect defects more accurately.

We're excited about the upgrades enhancing your system experience & boosting overall performance.

For questions or details, please contact us.

Your trust & dedication to Smartex are highly valued. Thank you for being part of our community! 🚀🤝

The Smartex Team.

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