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Auto Cut Roll & Extended PO Support

Updated: Apr 23

In this latest Smartex System Update, we are focusing on enhancing your manufacturing experience and increasing the productivity of your factory workflow with Smartex CORE product releases:


✂️ Auto Cut Roll

Auto Cut Roll allows for the automatic assessment of the appropriate moment to cut a roll, eliminating any manual intervention by machine operators, ensuring your production never stops and each roll is correctly cut achieving the maximum output of your factory production.

Activation of Automatic Roll Cutting:

  • Activate in Settings.

  • At the beginning of production order, it is necessary to input the Rotations per Roll, to set the conditions for the correct operation of the Auto Cut Roll.

Make sure to use this latest feature in your day-to-day operations! For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team.

🖥️ Extended PO Support

Machine operators will now have the freedom to input or change the Production Order information of a roll at any point during production avoiding mistakes on inputting the incorrect data for each Production Order.

With the new Extended PO Support, the Cut Roll feature has also improved:

  • If you want to keep producing in the same PO, you just need to cut the roll, and the system will assume that the following roll belongs in the same PO;

  • If you want to change PO’s, simply input the PO number and the system will assume that the production for previous PO is finished and will automatically cut the roll.

With this update, we are also introducing the possibility of inputting 2 more production-related parameters:

  • Rotation Length: Estimated fabric length per rotation for the rolls produced for each Production Order;

  • Rotations per Roll: Estimated rotations for the rolls produced for each Production Order.


We hope this upgrade will positively impact how you interact with our systems and enhance your overall performance.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Once again, we appreciate your trust and dedication to Smartex.


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